Stena Line


Working closely with the design company, Fuelled by Design, we were set a challenge to reproduce a design that previous stand contractors could not achieve. With our previous experience and a bit of 4X Creations know-how, we were able to fully execute the client’s wishes.

After the client had previously been told that we could not bend 18mm wavey wall panels, a feature that was integral to the design, we set about constructing the framework. This was done by machining all the curved formers and housing them in a softwood framework, to keep the outer framework solid, so that it wouldn’t move once we started to bend the MDF panels around. We used ratchet straps to slowly put pressure on the wavey panels, glueing and screwing as we slowly bent them around the framework. We continued with this process until all the panels were secured in place.

When we invited the client over to inspect the work they were very happy and asked us to build the reception counter in the same way but using a wider sheet. The final effect was stunning and we were pleased to be able to find a solution to accurately reflect the original creative concept.